Many dogs, and cats can experience itchy skin. The causes are very varied. Itchy skin can be due to food allergies, environmental allergens such as pollen, dust mites, contact allergens such as grass and parasites. The skin is the largest organ in all mammals and has a barrier to protect it. Animals that scratch their skin break the skin barrier allowing allergens and bacteria to enter, and for the skin to lose water and therefore become dry.

Treatment of skin allergies is often done externally and internally. External treatment is topical creams that contain antibiotics and cortisone and conditioners or oils to restore the skin barrier. Internal treatment can be injections or tablets to break the scratch itch cycle, special diet foods and antibiotics. Most skin problems need some sort of ongoing maintenance. For example, keeping the itchy areas clean by bathing regularly can help remove the allergens from the coat.


Animals skin also needs protecting from UV radiation. Animals can get skin cancers just like humans. Any pink skin areas should be protected with sunscreen and try to stop your pet from  sun baking. There are UV rashies that you can buy for your dogs!

Please contact the clinic for the most up to date advice for skin allergies. 

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