Bravecto/Drontal Mailout

Bravecto/Drontal Mailout FREE POSTAGE

You have told us that you want the best, easiest parasite prevention for your pet, and we have listened. To serve you better, we can now mail you your dog or cat flea & intestinal wormer to you when it is due. On time, every time.

What’s the Offer? 

On the first day of the month, every 3 months, we can mail you a Drontal Bravecto tasty chew to give to your pet to prevent intestinal parasites, fleas & even ticks for thos who travel to tick prone areas. We will keep track of when they are due, and can process your automatic debit when we send it. You have the convenience of having your flea & worm prevention arrive in your mailbox on time, every three months. On top of this convenience, we will offer you FREE POSTAGE!

What About Heartwrom Prevention?

You will still need to protect against heartworms. We recommend an annual Proheart SR-12 injection for your dog at his or her annual vaccine and check-up. This will take care of a full 12-months protection of heartworm. No more worries!

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