We have a top of the range endoscope. Endoscopy is passing a thin long tube made with fibre-optics so an image is shown on a video screen. Endoscopy allows us to look down your pets oesophagus and stomach and even into the first part on the small intestine. This is very useful for such conditions as chronic vomiting, regurgitation and even retrieving foreign bodies such as socks! We can also take biopsies of the stomach lining which prevents us having to do more invasive procedures such as open abdominal surgery.

What to expect on the day my pet needs endoscopy

Endoscopy does entail your per having a short anaesthetic. Your pet will need to be fasted for 12 hrs before the procedure.
We will keep you pet in Hospital for the day to monitor them after the endoscope and make sure they are fully recovered to go home. If biopsies were taken it takes about 4 days to get the results back.

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